Jin'rokh the Broken


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HOs score their first kill in the Throne of Thunder

Last night, on our 19th attempt of the evening the prog raiding team downed Jin’Rokh the Breaker for the first time.

The fight is basically a rinse and repeat cycle of drag lightening orbs away from raid, boss gets angry and throws tank against statue, all stand in a puddle until the boss electrifies it and then stack for shed loads of shields and heals; repeat. Simple!

Gara'jal the Spiritminder

Last night the prog raiding team scored their 3rd victory over the bosses in Mogu’shan Vaults.

Gara’jal the Spiritminder is a Zandalar Troll and brings with him the usual motley crew of annoying tiki masks.

Feng the fu**ed

Feng is deadFeng is dead

Late on Thursday evening as eyes were tiring and fingers aching, after over fifty valiant attempts, HOs finally conquered Feng the Accursed.

Feng is the second boss of the Mogu'shan Vaults instance and provides a three phase fight which tests all facets of a raid team.

And they're off!

On Thursday 1st November, after myriad unsuccessful attempts, the Heroic Outcasts Prog Raid Team scored their first victory in Mogu’shan Vaults.

The Stoneguard encounter consists of a single phase that repeats until you defeat 3 out of the 4 possible Quilen Guardians that make up The Stone Guard.

2 Firsts in one night

Ultraxion HM Team

After some frustrations earlier in the year it was decided that the new era of HOs prog raiding would start with the annihilation of Ultraxion on heroic difficulty. On heroic, the fight is much the same as normal but with a much higher dps requirement (even since being nerfed) and with more players needing to be able to take being smacked in the chops by Ultraxion’s Hour of Twilight. As preparation for this second new aspect of the fight, we practised at using dpsers to take Hour of Twilight by gaining the [http://www.wowhead.com/achievement=6084/minutes-to-midnight] achievement.

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Voice over Internet Protocol

mumble logomumble logo

Good news!

Thanks to Dokx we have now been resubscribed to our mumbles voice server for another 12 months!!


These services don't come for free, and it is very very decent of Jim to put his hand in his pocket to keep us all chatting.

So next time you see him in game, throw Dokx a /salute.

Over and Out.

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A Great week for the HO's.

Job done

Hi all.

Finally after 6 months...


After 6 months of raiding Firelands Heroic Outcasts have completed the legendary staff [Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa's Rest]

I would like to thank the guild for the effort and dedication in obtaining this staff for my mage Tureil

For those that missed the completion in Stormwind here are a few screenies of the event and the dragon mount

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Show gnome mercy.The xmas gnome run,news and results.

Abit to make up for Tur at Thorandal Span

Hi all.
On a cold dreary sunday evening with nothing much to do,12 intrepid level one gnomes dressed in there xmas cossies braved the daring HO xmas gnome run.At the start all where given a costume and told there dangerous route,run to SW gates to trade Fliz or myself for there first xmas pressie then a mad dash to Scarlet Monastry to detemine the 1st 2nd and 3rd prize winners.
And oh boy was it fun,watching death after death of these tiny brave gnomes,and suprisingly very close at the front also.

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6/8 in Dragonsoul.another lootship but not as easy.


Yep our 2nd week in Dragonsoul and we are now 6/8,Warmaster Blackhorn is no moreAnother fight that takes place on a gunship,but this time we had to work for our loot,unlike the faceroll of the gunship battle in ICC.Lots of adds lots of movemant and lots of target switching,and just for a change blizzard made us stand IN stuff and not out of it.

DEATHWING your next.

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5/8 in dragonsoul Ultraxion goes down.


Well the bosses are going down thick and fast in DragonSoul raid.(although they are starting to get a wee bit harder).

Ultraxion has a 6 min enrage timer,with huge dps and aoe healing required,a fight not for the feint hearted as full focus and concentration is required.
After a few attempts with the basic tactics,and pressing our pop up buttons to exit the fight at the correct time,the big bad dragon hit the dust with 6 seconds to spare before enrage,we hope to improve on this time as the weeks go by.

Grtz to Ambrosia on his Teir 13 chest.And to HB for his healing offhand.

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2 more dead,only our 2nd night.

Hagara the storm binder.

Well things are going well with the raiding and another 2 bosses have felt the wrath of the HO,s.Yor'sahj the unsleeping and Hagara the storm binder have bit the dust.
It all seems a bit easy at the mo,watch this space for more boss downings:)

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2 Down on our first night in Dragon Soul.


Well the new raid is finally here Dragon Soul.So off we went to plunder the frozen wastes to see how we could do.
Morchok was our first target and he got 1 shot ( ive seen more tactics used on a dungeon boss,blizzard are slacking).But gratz to Tureil on the caster ring drop.
Our 2nd target was Warlord Zon'ozz,a somewhat harder boss than the first but once tactics and movement was practiced for a while he went down with ease.Grtz to HB on the first piece of teir gear in the guild,some rather sexy healers gloves.
Keep up the great work raiders.

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Hiya Guys,

Well its that time of the year again,some fun and games we shall have.


You will need a lvl 1 Gnome with NO heirlooms and a couple of hours to spare.Please name your gnome so we know its you,IE a variation of your Mains name.
ALL members are invited please write the date in your diary.


The destination of the run will be announced at the start of the run.a few simple rules apply.

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